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I’m not a fan of new years resolutions, I think they send out the wrong message to the universe. Like there is this one singular moment where you have a chance to change. I guess it’s a kind of placebo, like when someone starts a diet on a Monday instead of a Friday, the idea of a fresh start, a blank page, a reset button. But in actual fact, you get a fresh start whenever you decide you want one. You can wake up on the third Tuesday in May and decide that you’re going to go to the gym, you’re not going to smoke, you’re going to finish your novel, quit the job you hate or sell everything you have and move to another country.

January 1st is the ultimate fresh start, the first day of the first week of the first month of a brand new year. A brand new you. Such a cliché if you ask me.

2016 was apparently a big fat write off for everyone, but it was a year of change for me, really good, soul refreshing change; I quit the career I have had for the best part of the last 10 years & I went back to school to study the career that I had always wanted, but never thought possible: fashion. It has been so amazing & so hard at the same time; I have never been so happy yet so broke! I guess I’d always known that I was meant to create something, I just wasn’t ever 100% sure what. Don’t get me wrong; last year had its moments. I questioned myself over & over. Every time a bill came in, every time an unknown number flashed on my screen, my heart seemed to stop & my stomach would flip – how the fuck was I going to pay it? Working part time in order to study was the biggest challenge, it was insane, there where weeks where my bills where almost double what I earned, I was constantly chasing my tail & there where a few really close calls that if not for my mum, I cant say I would have made it through! Yet when I think about the year I barely even remember those moments! I remember all of the fun, the excitement, the newness & the sense of purpose I felt knowing I was doing what my heart wanted. So for 2017 I want more. I don’t want to set resolutions as such, but I figured I would write this as a reminder to my future self to read at the end of next year, in the hope that I will have stayed my course and reached the goals that I want to reach, to hold myself accountable. Yes I could just delete this & come next year there will be no evidence, buuut given I’m pretty sure no one reads this, I’d only be cheating myself out of my very own little time capsule, and whats the fun in that?

Here goes.
The big one.
After three years of being on my own & focusing on me & only me, I will make a conscious decision to be open to whatever or whomever comes my way. It isn’t easy to open your heart to love when you have been burnt by those who have previously been let in, but to shut down, close off & become hardened doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all me. So hopefully come December 31st 2017 I will have met someone. Not just any someone, an incredible someone. They will bring out the absolute best in me, they will shine in their own light, be ambitious, independent, curious about life, adventurous, spontaneous, courageous, loving, supportive, honest & above all they will find happiness in the simplest of things.

I will remain committed to my health. Having a back injury & a broken arm in 2015 set me back, but 2016 gave me Pilates & 2017 will have given me back my love for fitness & my strength. Ill have my best body yet.

This year you better launch one of your labels. By April, before Autumn/Winter you will have enough jackets ready to launch & on the backs of a few legends. Commit. Focus. Make a plan and execute it. Don’t be scared of what anyone will think, in fact don’t think of anyone at all. Remain dedicated to your own life & your purpose

Move to Melbourne. Just move. It’s time. 

***Edit the above was written in January, I'm only coming back to it in May & have executed two of my goals... working on the other two, cant really force one & well.. you know, cant force myself to exercise either, I'm very stubborn... 

So for the second half of this year, lets assess what I would like to see by December... I think really, the only last remaining irritation in my life is my absolute disastrous handling of money. 

Sooo i guess my final note to self, is sort your life out. Work harder, Make more money & don't piss it up the wall, get on top of your bills, get organised & get ahead. no matter what it takes. 

There you have it, the five top priorities of 2017. Love, Career, Health, Life & Wealth

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